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Studybays.Me – It diminish bureaucracy and give schools the autonomy – at least as much as they will be able to bear, for starters.

Local governments, boards of education. And they sit in the bodies of those officials – they govern in school today, set the rules, as best I know how – that is, according to the KPA (Code of Administrative Procedure). On the Code of Administrative Procedure are based eg. The rules of professional advancement of teachers, which has already led to many absurdities, even this constituting blemish many directors that after the last stage of promotion a teacher can refuse to do at school, anything more than the bare minimum, including refuses further improvement training. This is because it is aware of integrity.

Thus, for example, the Association of Directors of secondary schools calls for the promotion was not granted once in a lifetime, but was subject to periodic verification. Because the old rule – noblesse oblige, noblesse oblige, in the school world does not apply. Qualified teachers – at least that part of that group, apparently not inconsiderable, to which the above description – neither in the head shining example, showing commitment, being innovative and high quality of work, as the highest standing in the hierarchy should. In addition, for such behavior does not meet any of their punishment, even social condemnation. They have their rights, officially guaranteed, the rest does not count in the mission school. This drastic and, unfortunately, a true example of a mismatch mission, the rules (in this promotion) and the people (who allow themselves to be treated as your work and do not assume in this respect any consequences).

The worst thing was that we all know about this, openly raise this issue and … nothing. There are no official ways to deal with these types of situations, the unofficial and do not have sufficient education actually exist. And that perhaps is the nub of the problem of the education system. It is highly bureaucratic mechanically, for terms such as organizational culture, professional ethics of teachers, work culture have in it so little importance that are not even the subject of discourse. That is why events such as once even featured in newspapers bullying among teaching, involving, among others, for inserting one teacher the other dog droppings into his coat pocket, in the school environment is not met with condemnation, and director of the school, as long as he could, pretending that nothing in his educational group is not happening. The school principal is also, first and foremost officer.

Its role is to draw up the appropriate documents – supervising the work of the officials they are only able to check and they only care about them. If reality does not agree with the document, well, so much the worse for her, but in general it does not go on daylight, because after that, who needs it? Director’s craftsmanship is a measure, for example. The ability to fill in fields on the sheet of the organization, so that the local government official, and not stuck sheet podstemplował – everyone has it on your patent, and school directors meetings are often the exchange of this type of experience. Does the organization promotes the development of students’ activities and is tailored to their needs? It is not subject to anyone’s assessment. Maybe outside assessment of students.

But their voice does not count. So essay writer tutorial what do the students? Coat the walls, with niemożnościami confront and seek ways to survive in school. Inability are many – eg. You can not change the profile class, but changed plans for the future, you can not do anything with a teacher who, although qualified, the lesson asks to read the manual, you can not complain, because even if someone will listen, nothing this could not be done, and probably treat them as unreliable fantasies of irresponsible youth. Strategy remains in line with Polish proverb: humble calf sucks two mothers. You can learn humility, patient endurance of boredom, the tacit acceptance of mediocrity – after all, you have to finish school.

But if the system and its representative – a teacher somewhere “crack” and find his weakness, for, you can withdraw with a vengeance: aggression, cynicism, contempt, and even arrogance. Paradoxically, to deal with these problems a lack of official ways. It is true that, since the teacher has the status of a public official, in the most effective punishment naughty students sparing him the police. But these are more subtle rudeness. In the fight with them, the teacher is most often left alone.

In college they do not teach you how to deal with naughty pupils, and in the staff room or the principal’s office, where the teacher should receive systemic support, the question: “I have a problem, can you help me?” Hear can probably answer: “I do not have! You’re on your own. “. Inability circle closes – only this time the victim is a teacher who has yet to realize the mission. After this answer, no one will believe in its success. The education system needs to change, but I do not believe it could make even the most enlightened minister. This change in the work culture and the culture of the organization, which is a school, matching them to the mission.

It diminish bureaucracy and give schools the autonomy – at least as much as they will be able to bear, for starters. Although I may be wrong, maybe the minister could do something – eg. Start talking about a few simple things: that school is for students that their development is the most important, interesting lessons that driving is a teacher’s duty and a measure of its craftsmanship. That directors are to take action to carry out their mission of schools and do not be afraid – because first, they are educators and youth leaders, and only secondly – officials. Similarly, teachers – are professionals whose job it is in an interesting, creative show young people the world of knowledge, and then government officials. And they both are in what they are doing, primarily responsible before the students and their parents, and then against officials.

The school must be brave, so she could be interesting! And this is only worth something. And only this can truly fulfill its mission. Note about the author: Anna-Sobala Zbroszczyk is the Director of Social II High School. Paul Jasienica Social Educational Society in Warsaw This statement comes from the publication Education for Development / [ed.

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The organizer does not make accommodation reservations for conference participants, but can recommend the hotel (see information on hotels), which contains specific agreement in connection with the conference. Participants make payment for accommodation on their own. Prices for participation in the conference are gross, unless explicitly stated that the stated amounts do not include VAT. Organizer is not responsible for things people reported to the conference, which can be lost, damaged or stolen during the conference. During the conference organizer reserves the right to capture and fixation of the proceedings in the form of photographic documentation and film participants speeches and images for use in publications Organizer, Edunews.pl portal and other websites operated by the Organizer. Observing the development of technology, with which we are dealing, it is difficult to predict how it will look like education and the school environment in 20 years.

The number of modern devices that appear on the market and the strength with which new technologies affect society, not help look to the future. However, I will try to bring the most important trends. Market Development According to various data, we already have the world’s more than 1 billion personal computers (2007-2008), more than 1 billion Internet users (2008), more than 4.6 billion mobile subscribers (2010, UN data). 85 million people use multimedia iPhone and iTouch media player (Apple, 2010). Only in the United States in 2008. Nearly 4 million students benefited from e-learning courses (distance education) as part of their studies.

Technology has made changes to the place in which the education and basic tools for teaching and learning. The advent of the iPad offered by Apple puts a big question mark, in which direction will develop computerization (in education). At the moment, the voices of analysts are inclined to the view that a computer model of the iPad is the future educational tool. It’s very likely. At the end of May 2010., Philanthropic organization One Laptop Per Child, which has already more than 2 million laptops “for $ 100” to schools around the world, decided that now run OTPC initiative – one tablet for each child.